Can you Pull Off Bluffing Online?

bluff online

If you've always wondered about bluffing online, then you are not alone. Bluffing is basically the act of increasing the amount on the table with within a round of poker in the hopes of fooling other players into folding without having a good hand to back up the bets. A classic example of bluffing is when you are dealt a pair of twos, and no one on the table is raising, so ultimately no one raises the maximum amount. You then fake a quick smile to show that you are impressed with your hand, and this manipulates the other players into cutting their losses, and you win the game and take the pot.

Why Do People Bluff Online

There are many reasons why people choose to use this tactic by playing poker. There are two main reasons, and the first reason is that it allows you as a player to win hands even when you're not dealt a winning hand. If you are a good bluffer, irrespective of how bad the hand you're dealt, you can always tally on and win a bigger pot. The second reason why people use this tactic is that it allows players to get the pot to grow bigger. This tactic has to abide by a few more rules. You should only implement this tactic when you have a good hand so that in the event you are called, you can still salvage something from the game.

How to Go about Bluffing Online

This tactic depends greatly on your physical movements and facial expressions. Therefore, it will not be as enticing when playing online. In fact, bluffing online is next to impossible. This is simply because you cannot imagine what the person feels since you cannot see how they fold or raise their hands. However, one of the ways in which you can get a feel for the other player's hand is by judging or looking at how often they withdraw and fold.

Additional Bluffing Tips

One of the ways in which to pull off this tactic is not being very predictable. Some players make the mistake of becoming too predictable to get players to do what they want. However, unless you change your habits pretty quickly, you might lose money pretty fast. It doesn't usually work with a large group as well. The more players, the less likely they are to fold, and there's always those one or two players that would still choose to stay in the game irrespective of how good you are bluffing. It is highly unlikely to work in split-pot games as well. Since most players feel they have better chances in high games than low games.

Other Factors that Influence Bluffing

There are definitely a few factors you should consider before you choosing to go the bluffing root. The first one is the number of players. The rule of thumb is that the more players present, the harder it is going to be for you. Check on your table limits. Bluffing in a game where the limit is small is not even worth implementing this tactic. While it is increasingly difficult to employ this tactic when playing online, you can still pull it off. Usually, the effectiveness of bluffing online is made redundant because online players are not afraid to up the ante. The absence of body language and facial expression usually means that bluffing will become increasingly more difficult online. In some cases, it depends on the online game, the country, and the application as well.

Bluffing Mistakes to Avoid

A common misconception is that you need to be a loose cannon when bluffing. However, contrary to popular belief, people become more suspicious when you are unpredictable and are more likely to call your bluff, which will result in you losing money. It's better to join a game with new payers since they are inexperienced and probably won't call a bluff.